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Recreating the Future of Dreams

We are a global power house of denim, apparel, design & finishing and clean energy. From spinning where yarn fiber is made for weaving, dyeing to converting the denim fabric into a perfectly crafted, eco-friendly pair of jeans, we put our heart and soul in everything we create.





7.3 million Lbs

Yarn per month


Our spinning facility is the cleanest, greenest and most advanced in the region. We have invested in automation that involves minimal human interaction. Having our own spinning mill gives us the agility to innovate at scale and respond rapidly to designers and top global brands.

After selecting the best cotton fiber from the fields, we pass it on to our spinning plant that ensures uninterrupted production of high quality cotton yarn. 


Weaving beautifully crafted fabrics by taking inspiration from nature and technology to minimize our ecological footprint. We take pride in the focus and depth of our design thinking to create smart denim fabrics with a soul. With over 500 looms, we are producing 9 million metres of finished fabric per month. We also have one of the longest dye ranges in Asia with 12 dips. 

  • G2 Dynamic - Improved laser results on the fabric.
  • First Denim Company in the world to make C2C Gold certified fabric.

Water Recycling


Energy Saving


By leveraging our passion and inventiveness, we have transformed our ideas into your favorite jeans. In addition to manufacturing denim bottoms, we have a dedicated facility to manufacture high value garments like Jackets and other apparel. Our garments facility has the capacity to produce 26 million garments per year.

  • Pakistan’s first fair trade certified garment factory
  • Pakistan’s first LEED Platinum factory

Artistic Energy

Our wind farms are providing renewable energy to the national grid, with our first 50MW plant of 29 GE Turbines fully operational with zero occupational incidents. Additionally, we have initiated another 50 MW project of Wind energy which will be operational by 2021. Together, our wind farms will generate 100MW of energy, lighting up more 50,000 households in the surrounding communities

Under Artistic Energy, our future investments include Solar Hybrid project of 25MW and a separate 50MW Solar project in Sukkur, Sindh. In addition to above wind and solar projects we have also applied for 2 Hydro power projects in KPK which will have combined capacity of about 100MW.

Wind Energy

Solar Energy

Hydro Energy

Star Fades International-SFI

Star Fades International (SFI) is a fully operational denim laundry and design center in Los Angeles, CA. Equipped with cutting-edge wet and dry process technologies, including lasers, ozone, and e-flow machines, Star Fades International will enable sustainable and efficient product development and production.