AM Academics

Inspiring with Thought Leadership 

A collaborative learning platform where we are inculcating the right skills among our employees through targeted trainings based on need assessments.


At Artistic Milliners, we believe in continuous improvement not only in our business but also in our people. Our people will always remain our biggest asset. That’s why we place focus on their learning and development. A mindset that has an appetite for new knowledge fits well in our culture. We train our factory workers on stitching and machine operations. We also encourage regular dialogue with industry leaders on the hottest denim trends. Our managers regularly opt for trainings that help them learn new skills to become a leader at what they do. A constant quest for knowledge across the board is what helps us move ahead

AM University 

Artistic Milliners University is our venture to promote learning and development in the organization. It is the vision of our leadership to work on improving the human resource by providing them an opportunity to engage with the best resources available in learning and development. The university will provide a learning environment that will help promote process improvement. AM University will also be collaborating with different NGOs, educational institutes as well as brands with these key objectives:

Our aim is to provide more than 1000 man hours of training per month to our employees, which will lead towards them getting an opportunity to earn certificates. These certificates are earned by completing modules over a period of time. A purpose-built auditorium provides an environment of learning and development that is a step ahead of industry practice. 

Artistic College 

Artistic College of Training & Development (ACTD) provides dedicated training programs to ensure our workforce is equipped with the latest market knowledge and the most adequate skillset required to meet their job responsibilities. To meet the company’s need during expansion, ACTD will ensure smooth provision of well-trained professionals.

The 3 key objectives of ACTD are: 

1 - echnical trainings to operators and quality inspection staff.

2 - Academic education in electronics and mechanics for experienced workers to ensure machine maintenance.

3 - Leadership and soft skills training for middle management.