Our passion for innovation and creativity spans the globe, allowing us to cultivate curiosity and inspire new ways of thinking in collaboration with clients and thought leaders worldwide.


Artistic Lab, Dubai

Artistic Milliners Experience Centre in Dubai offers an opportunity to our customers and partners to stay a step ahead of the market, interpret upcoming trends and bring their creative visions to life. This platform not only strengthens ties with premium denim and associated companies but also enables closer working relationships with brands to achieve mutual goals such as taking beautiful, sustainable concepts from ideas to catalogues. Our experience centres are a hub for design rethinking and creating jeans from dreams.

Soho Incubator, NYC

Our Soho experience centre in New York is curated as an environment for innovation, co-creation and connection. We want to create a collaborative space for new ideas, conversations and experiences. The idea is to inspire the creative mindset, cultivate curiosity and provoke new ways of thinking. The experience centre also showcases our latest collections and the different raw material we use to make clean denim.

The experience centre is also home to Soho Masterclass - a collaborative learning platform where we enable intellectual discussions by recognized experts and industry leaders, who address current trends and best practices to inspire the future of denim industry.


Our newest venture, Star Fades International (SFI) in Commerce, California, adds a new dimension to our portfolio, letting us offer clients 360-degree design based on supply chain 4.0 principles where they are while raising Pakistan’s profile as a sourcing destination We are the first Pakistani denim company with a factory in LA, equipped with industry-leading wet and dry process technologies, including lasers, ozone and e-flow machines.