Industry 4.0

Enabling a More Connected Denim Ecosystem

Revolutionizing the way we operate business through interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time dashboards.

26 Million
units of garment per year
09 Million
metres of denim fabric per month


Artistic Milliners keeps a focused approach on meaningful automation in denim and garment industry. We continue to invest in technology that is redefining our processes for zero defects, better designs and consistency in quality. We are also cognizant of our environmental impact and are installing machinery that helps save energy and water up to 70%. Our production facilities are automated with the integrated solution for greater visibility, optimal product design and accurate decision-making.

Digital Showroom

You can log into our Digital Showroom portal to get a detailed overview of denim products and innovations. Our product capsules are a treat to the eye. We believe in creating designs that are comfortable, trendy and yet versatile. Our products are made with circularity as a core idea, where you will find all the latest denim trends.