Artistic Milliners


Inspiring with Thought Leadership

A collaborative learning platform where we are inculcating the right skills among our employees through targeted trainings based on need assessments.

Learning the Artistic Milliners Way

At Artistic Milliners, we believe in continuous improvement not only in our business but also in our people, our biggest asset. That’s why we place focus on their learning and development. A constant quest for knowledge across the board is what helps us move ahead.

A mindset that has an appetite for new knowledge fits well in our culture. Artistic Milliners University (AMU) is our venture to promote learning and development in the organization by providing our people an opportunity to engage with the best resources in a broad range of fields, including leadership training, research and process improvement. We will also be collaborating with different NGOs and educational institutions to develop and further these aims, all in our purpose-built auditorium.

Our other learning venture, Artistic College of Training & Development (ACTD) provides dedicated vocational training from top industry professionals, helping equip our workforce the latest market knowledge and a well-rounded skillset to fulfil their job responsibilities.

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