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Creating an entirely new experience meant to explore entirely new boundaries.

Dubai, a Strategic
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Artistic Milliners has established a Research and Innovation Center in Dubai, to offer an opportunity to our customers & partners to stay a step ahead of the market, interpret upcoming trends and bring their creative vision to life.

Short Drive
Our state of the art innovative lab is located at 20 minutes' drive from Dubai international airport.
Dubai Denter
The center comprises of three departments:
Showroom + Stiching + Laundry

Our Main Focus

Innovative Design
Finished Stiching
The vision behind the idea was to create a platform that not only strengthens ties with premium denim industry, but also creates a close working relation with the brands to achieve mutual goals of introducing the most desirable yet outstandingly sustainable products to the mass market.
Artistic Milliner Dubai Labs

Artistic Milliner Dubai Labs
Artistic Milliner Dubai Labs

Aimed to provide designers, brands and partners a platform to interpret upcoming trends, explore new & sustainable washing techniques, and bring their creative visions to life, Artistic Lab serves as an incubator for design and development workshops.

Artistic Milliner Dubai Labs

Established in 1949, Artistic Milliners is a vertical denim manufacturing company with a strong focus on women empowerment, innovation & sustainability.

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