Artistic Milliners

Nurturing People & Planet

We are all beautifully and intricately interconnected with each other and our planet which means every choice we make has both consequence and potential. Circle of Life represents our philosophy on being one with nature.

Climate Positive -

The fate of the earth as we know it hangs in the balance. Increasing global average temperatures and climate change is tipping the scales faster than anyone could have possibly imagined. We, as a denim company, are mindful of how we are impacting the environment with every action we take every single day. That’s why protecting the environment around us remains our key commitment, because every action that we take matters to keep our environment safe, clean and in balance

Social Fairness -

Through our journey of over 70 years, we have realized the importance of working closely with our stakeholders, such as employees, customers, vendors, community, and the environment. As we step into the future, we want to prioritize the interest of our value chain partners paving a way for sustainable and integrated business operations. We aim to make everyone feel like an essential part of the Artistic Milliners ecosystem. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do.

Governance -

By setting the highest standards, our future goal is to surpass the industry leading benchmarks and be compliant with all the local as well as international regulations governing our industry. Our goal is to not just meet basic compliance requirements from our brand partners, but to exceed their expectations, and continuously improve the way we do business.

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