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Browzwear Partnership Affords 3D-Prototype Innovation to Artistic Milliners

Published by Apparel News
16 April 2021

Author Dorothy Crouch

Committed to transformative manufacturing processes that will improve the apparel-making industry, Artistic Milliners announced a partnership to design its garments using Browzwear 3D-prototype technology. Applying the Singapore–headquartered Browzwear’s technology is helping the Karachi, Pakistan–based Artistic Milliners increase its efficiency through greater speed to market and reduction in water and energy waste while decreasing the textile company’s use of harmful chemicals.

“Expanding on the Industry 4.0 principles, Artistic Milliners is investing in contemporary digital solutions that will work well with our existing automation portfolio,” Murtaza Ahmed, director at Artistic Milliners, said in a statement. “Browzwear offers the right mix of tools to create true-to-life 3D designs with the flexibility to integrate with our automated cutting-and-finishing processes.”

Through this partnership, Artistic Milliners joins several of its clients that are also Browzwear customers. Utilizing data and garment renderings that are true to life to yield results for its customers, Browzwear shares Artistic Milliners’ mission to help the apparel industry become more responsible.

“At Browzwear, we aim to partner with like-minded companies that share our core values, and Artistic Milliners is a great example of a brand that is dedicated to sustainability and innovation,” said Lena Lim, chief commercial officer at Browzwear. “We are thrilled to partner with Artistic Milliners to create environmentally friendly garments and continue to do our part in making fashion with less waste.”

Artistic Milliners reports that the Browzwear collaboration has improved efficiency by increasing fit-development speed, thereby facilitating sample approval. Through Browzwear’s e-learning program, Browzwear University, Artistic Milliners will encourage teams throughout the company to utilize this 3D technology.

“Digitization is the future, and we want to take a lead on this front. We are excited that our brand partners now have the option of working on 3D designs with us,” Ahmed said. “We anticipate that 3D digital samples will greatly reduce the design iterations and speed to market, resulting in improved productivity and sustainability. It is yet another step toward green value-chain creation.”

The capsule includes a denim jacket, jeans and skirt. The multinational denim maker, which also owns sustainability-focused Los Angeles denim laundry and design studio Star Fades International (SFI), is focused on adopting environmentally conscious processes across its operations. This summer, SFI launched a new office in Guatemala to support the firm’s nearshoring efforts, featuring environmentally certified materials, dyes and inputs sourced from the U.S., Mexico and Central America. Meanwhile, Artistic Milliners employs cutting-edge automation and green energy, and also operates a wastewater treatment plant with the capacity to process over 780,000 gallons of water from its laundries each day.

According to Artistic Milliners director of product and research Baber Sultan, the strategic partnership will help the group advance its green commitments, with the capsule collection representing the realization of a relationship that began in 2021. “BioBlack TX has allowed us to take a massive leap forward in our sustainability goals,” he said. “We are dedicated to embracing innovative technologies that not only enhance product performance but also reduce our environmental impact.”

The incorporation of BioBlack TX will help Artistic Milliners accelerate its decarbonization efforts, placing it ahead of upcoming industry regulations related to emissions and climate change. The solution’s Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) carcinogen content is also undetectable, posing no health risks to wearers.

“At Nature Coatings, we are driven by the vision of a sustainable world,” Nature Coatings CEO Jane Palmer said, noting that the green chemistry firm seeks to make use of materials that would normally go to waste. Earlier this year, the Las Vegas, Nevada-based business received a $2.45 million cash infusion from climate-focused venture capital firm Regeneration.VC, social impact investors The 22 Fund, safe chemistry investment firm Safer Made, women-focused VC Portfolia, and actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio. The funding round aims to expedite BioBlack TX’s growth by bolstering manufacturing and global distribution.

Nature Coatings recently received $2.45 million in funding from environmentally-focused venture capital firms.

“Teaming up with Artistic Milliners in our latest collection has been an inspiring journey,” Palmer added. “Together, we’ve been able to create a truly remarkable collection that showcases the potential of clean chemical solutions in the fashion industry.”

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